About us

Our Company has been around since 2015 serving customers worldwide with a focus on bringing others closer to their true self through guidance, empowerment, meditation, and awesome products like our Bracelets and Home goods.

At BuddhaBelle we have a background in Spirituality and Leadership.   We have worked with multiple online companies in this industry and found that almost all of them got their products from overseas.  Which is alright, but we found that some of them would purchase goods in bulk and store them in a warehouse and would claim they were based in the US and this didn't sit right with us.

We also found that they would then charge their customers a premium for packaging and shipping with paper descriptions of their products.  My wife and I wanted to do things differently.   We have built a strong relationship with our suppliers which source our goods from all over the world.   We first of all made sure that we handpicked our suppliers and that they had great working environments that were in tune with our beliefs.  Secondly we worked with them to ship directly to our customers.  This has allowed us to use less materials, causing less waste, and more importantly bringing our products to our customers directly, allowing us to compete majorly in todays marketplace.


Please take pictures of any damaged items and send them to us by email so we can help get your a new item shipped out.

My Wife and I are a passionate team with great taste, helping to enlighten others so we can all win together but we also love feedback and if you would like us to carry something in our store please reach out to us.   NAMASTE!